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Product upgrading—improving product quality and increasing value for consumers—may be stimulated by changes in end markets, usually stemming from changes in customer preferences, or the desire for higher value added, higher quality, and consequently more profitable products on the part of MSEs.

TedHair factory have upgraded our hair this year, in addition to product upgrade, the product advantage we have always insisted on is also better than the same product in the same industry. Let me introduce them to you!

5×5 and 4×4 closures upgraded

Easier and more versatile to create different hair styles. Enables a larger parting space at the top. Save time to tint the lace, to bleach the knots and pluck the hairline. 4*4.5″ closures make you stand out among the market and more competitive.

Actual length is longer than marked length

You can measure the length of our hair wigs, wigs are measured from the root of the hair around the crown to the ends. Curly and wavy styles are measure the same way, but when taking the measurement, the hair is pulled straight to get an accurate measurement. When you measure it, you find that the same size on the market, ours will be longer than the actual size.

Hair advantage – HD Swiss lace

Swiss lace is more thin and durable. Even if the thinness is similar to both the laces, swiss lace is considered a better option for people who want their wig to last for a long time.

Swiss lace is a great choice. Using swiss lace in front lace wigs because it is thicker, but still gives a very natural hairline. This natural and durable lace easily matches your complexion.

Hair advantage – Resistance to high temperature

For hairstylists and salon owners clients, you want better styling, easier dyeing and heat. In another way, that means our hair strands are more thicker. After hair temperature heating, our hair still shining and soft!

Hair advantage – the cuticles are aligned

Cuticle aligned hair is considered to be of the finest quality. This is the type of hair in which the cuticles are kept intact. A completely natural appearance is created by preserving the cuticles and aligning them in one single direction. The process ensures that the hair remains silky, shiny, soft, and tangle-free.

That’s what our TedHair hair looks like!

Finally, welcome friends to our local warehouses to do product testing and communication!

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