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As we all know curly hair is the most normal hairstyle in black girls. Due to the climate, African American women’s hair is naturally curly which is easier to dissipate heat so that they can survive the hot climate of the African continent. Over time, black women are more willing to choose curly hair to dress up themselves, on the one hand, it is closer to their own hair. On the other hand, it also makes oneself more fashionable. In this article, we will introduce some knowledge about curly hair. Hope to help every black girl.

What’s curly hair?

From the name, we can see that curly hair is hair that has a certain degree of curvature and is not straight. According to the direction and size of curly, common curly hairstyles are deep curly hair, water curly hair, kinky curly hair.

What is best for curly hair?

Compared with straight hair and wave hair, curly hair is difficult to care for, knotting, shedding, and dirty all bring problems to maintaining a good-looking curly hairstyle. so regular cleaning is especially important for nourishment. Generally, we recommend that customers wash their curly hair once or twice a week and apply conditioner regularly to keep their hair bouncy. If I recommend the best curly hair, then I suggest girls choose 10A hair bundles, and 13*4, 13*6 hair wigs. Hair is well known for curly hair.

How To Wash, Style & Maintain Curly Hair?


Hot water could dry your curly hair wig out the heat can strip your hair of oil. Pour shampoo into your pals and add a bit more during you wash your curly hair.


different from other hair textures curly hair requires more hydration and more patience. Comb your curly hair from bottom up


Keeping curls hydrated can be difficult because natural oils don’t travel down the hair shaft easily. Adding some natural oils before bed can help with this. Deep conditioner and organic oil are the best friends of curly hair.

How to straighten curly hair?

There are some tips for you to straighten your curly hair, pls keep them in mind. Heat will hurt your hair, make sure your iron temperature is less than 150℃(2733.8℉) air-dry your curly hair wig before you straighten the curly hair.

Choose curly hair to start a hair business and earn money

These are all things you know about curly hair, most black girls like curly hair and buy them. Suggest that you can try some curly style hair, and sell it to your friends and customers, that’s easy to start a hair business. TedHair Factory is a professional local wholesale hair vendor & supplier of 100% VIRGIN HUMAN HAIR. Fully stocked with all bundles/ closures/ frontal/ HD lace/ lace front wigs up to 28″ even 38″. If you want to know more about our bundle deal, welcome to discuss it with our staff online or offline (

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