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Could it be the Queen B? Really? That would explain it. Those lavish locks that women adorn their heads with. The changeable looks from one day to the next. The glam look on Friday and the natural look on Monday. How does this happen? Two words: hair extensions. Hair extensions are not a new phenomenon but have gained significant popularity recently with numerous celebrities swearing by their use, starting with the Queen B herself, Beyonce. The rapid change in length and color of Beyonce’s hair leaves nothing to hide, except her real hair. Yet, we don’t care, because she looks fabulous.

As social media and the internet bring us closer to our favorite celebrities, they become more accessible and so do their lifestyles and apparently their hairstyles too. Hence the latest trend, virgin hair marketing. Yep, virgin, nope it’s not what you think. Virgin hair is at the high end of the spectrum and there are rigorous restrictions on what is accepted as virgin hair. To be clear, these hair extensions and wigs come from real people’s heads. Even those people have to maintain a certain lifestyle standard.

Market virgin hair brand is hair that has never been dyed, bleached, permed, straightened etc. Hair that has not been chemically treated one way or another. The structure of the hair is also important. The cuticles must be intact and run in the same direction. The donor is not racing specific, but the most popular hair comes from Brazil, India, and Malaysia.

With all this talk about celebrities, virgins and people wearing other people’s hair, there is a link. This is a business opportunity. In many ways, celebrities define fashion and people follow. When people follow the spend money. Enter, TedHair, a manufacturer of various types of hair products, their most popular being Brazilian Virgin Hair. Their focus is to supply products to distributors, retailers, salons and the growing online marketplace.

Selling Hair Extensions with Shopify

Online shopping platforms like Shopify, provide and support many third-party apps that make creating a shop and the online shopping experience painless. TedHair aim is to establish relationships with entities online and off whom wish to capitalize on this growing market. This is currently a trillion dollar industry globally and as trends go, it’s going to continue to grow. Hair extensions are the next must-have accessory. We spend so much time anonymously online and many times in the workplace, women want to step out and be noticed, on their terms.

As women take on greater roles in society and truly feel more empowered, they want their lifestyle and their appearance to reflect this. The beauty with hair extensions is that you don’t need to have the lifestyle to have the look, that ravishing look. Then again, women don’t always want to look ravishing, but they do want to look good and well put-together. Hair extensions allow for that. Hair extensions don’t have to be a fashion statement; some women wear them for practicality and hair manageability.

Hair extensions are a multi-purpose woman’s accessory. They can be seen as a form of self-expression. They can be used as a confidence booster. This is a growing trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Much like generations past, a woman’s appearance is important to her. This is nothing dramatic like plastic surgery or any other life-altering intervention. It’s an accessory and it looks good on you.

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