Low Density Vs. High Density, Which To Choose?

When wholesale the perfect wig, you may think that color and length are the only things you need to check to find the perfect fit. But wig density plays an important role in how your wig fits and looks on your head. Let’s take a look at how to choose a wig density.

What Is Wig Density?

Wig density is a measure of how full or voluminous a wig looks when it is worn. Wig density changes the appearance of the wig and the way it is worn on the head. The lower the density, the thinner the wig. High density wigs give a large and voluminous appearance, giving the wig an overall fuller look. This is why it is so important to consider wig density when choosing a wig.

Density Percentages Wig density is measured in percentages. Knowing the different percentages and meanings will help you with your next wig purchase. Here is a quick reference guide to what these percentages mean.

110-130% Density: This is a very medium density level. Most standard wigs you see in stores and online are of this medium density.

140-150% Density: This density range will give you fuller hair for your wig. It is just slightly more volume than a typical wig. This is good for people who want more hair volume but are not too extreme.

180% Density: This percentage adds a lot of thickness and volume to your wig. It provides a noticeable volume compared to the average 130% density of the average wig in most beauty stores.

200% Density: 200% is high in fullness and volume. This is the second largest volume wig you can buy.

250% Density: This is the highest level of wig you can buy from most stores. This is the maximum volume and fullness. Compare this volume to the more advanced wigs you see in drag or on celebrities. These full-volume wigs will be more expensive but are worth it for the client looking for volume.

TedHair each Density Wig:

130% Density 8 Inch Curly T-Part Lace Front Wig

The features:

  1. Use swiss lace, good quality.
  2. Pre-plucked with baby hair.
  3. Free part as you like.
  4. Invisible lace blend in with your skin and make the hairline more undetectable.

150% Density 12 Inch 4″x4″ Closure Wig #Red-Orange Straight Wig

The gorgeous, red-orange hue will have you looking like you spent hours in a salon to achieve this vivid color. Get this spicy color without the damage or the commitment!

180% Density 18-32 Inch 5″x5″ Straight Lace Closure Wig

The features:

  1. Hair is thicker and more volume.
  2. Fixed with black elastic band.
  3. Sewn from hair bundles and closures.

200% Density 13”x4” Salon Quality Body Wavy Frontal Lace Wig

The features:

  1. Use our 13×4 front lace wig 200% density, full and thick!
  2. Braids for girls!
  3. Having fun with the braid style Your heiresses.

The following table contains wig lengths and corresponding wig densities to also help you make an informed decision.


Wig density is one of the most important aspects of any wig. High density wigs are the best choice for clients who want full hair with lots of bounce, volume, and character. Low density wigs allow her to wear wigs more comfortably.

Wholesale hair wig at TedHair, we will also help you choose your profitable density wigs. Grow your hair business successfully with TedHair!

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