Increase Your Email Marketing to Expand Hair Business

It’s the new year now, what are your financial goals for 2022? Take a minute to think of a $$ dollar amount $$ that you want to make in 2022. Let’s start or expand your business to make more money!

Here’s a way to do it: collect email addresses from all your clients to stay in touch ASAP! Finding a creative way to keep them coming back and becoming customers for life. Increase (or start!) your email marketing to clients!

Thank You Emails

Saying thank you goes such a long way when it comes to establishing and building customer relationships.

Even though saying thank you to a customer seems like a great accomplishment, sometimes, it’s just not enough. You have to know that it’s all about how you do it in order to stand out.

Creating a thank you message, even one that is tailored to a customer by the mentioning of their name or what was entailed with their buying experience, will make your thank you go a long way.

Let your goal always to be a remaining thought on the mind of a customer. Give your thank you email life with a personality, so they know who you are. Everyone expects a basic confirmation email, so make sure you’re far from basic.

Shipping Notifications

Once someone has ordered a product or service off of your website, the first thing they will be looking for is when it will arrive.

They can consume themselves constantly by staying on top of the tracking for shipment. This is why shipping notifications are imperative to ensure a customer’s peace of mind.

Shipping notification emails aren’t only helpful, but they’re expected to be received. However, who said you had to be basic but just stating the standard “Hi, you’re order is on the way” type of email.

To be that company that goes above and beyond, besides just sending automated shipping notifications, start following up with your customers after a few days of when they placed their order. This is a great opportunity to ask if they have questions, are in need of anything else and see how their shopping experience was.

This provides a nice touch of consideration and care to the customer ensuring they are happy with their purchase. They will surely become a lifelong customer!

Reminder Emails

With everyday life, there is always so much going on. Sometimes it can be a tendency for a customer to forget a recent purchase easily. This can cause someone to possibly even stop buying from you due to a lack of impact.

Whatever product or service you offer, think of any reasons your customers may stop using a product or service before they experience the intended effect. It could be something as simple as helping them determine the right style of hair.

However, when you send out post-sale reminder emails, you can continue building a relationship with the help you give.

When it comes to what to write in your emails, here are another few tips:

Make it personal – think “love letter” instead of “sales pitch”

In general, follow up with an email after every appointment

Share news about your business, new offers, new staff, new protocols, prices, or equipment

ADD VALUE: share hair care, skincare tips…whatever your niche is, educate, inform, and inspire your email list, and they’ll keep opening your emails

Link to your online store/booking page/website etc so that readers know exactly where to go to connect with you and buy stuff

Don’t leave money on the table in 2022 – grow your email list and take advantage of it!

From my heart to yours, I want to wish you a fantastic, successful, profitable 2022. TedHair Factory is #1 Hair Factory Warehouses in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, New York, Virginia & New Orleans. Growing your business is our target and we provide solutions to make you successful! Chinese new year holidays are coming, we are still open and you can pick up your orders in our 9 local warehouses, let’s make an appointment!

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