Hair Wigs Trends Predict in 2023

When the new year comes, we always say “new year, new me”, but you also want a “new business”, help your clients become a new her. How do we get a new business? We predict what wig and hair trends will be popular in 2023. Watch to see if you agree and share what hair trend you’re looking forward to this year.

Glueless Wigs

We predict glueless wigs will be bigger than ever in 2023 as people veer away from the often high-maintenance upkeep and temperamental nature of glued-down lace front wigs. Without having to worry about getting a hairstylist to do your install or using several layers of glue to secure your unit down at home, glueless wigs offer a more easy and approachable way to switch up your look.

Short Curly Fringes

This trend started in 2022 and is still gaining momentum. In 2023, we will see this hairstyle in many different formats, from shag and wild to a put together wet look. There will be also an explosion of colours specially around brown and blond colours which are the trendiest colour tons for the new year.

Longer Bobs– “Bob Wigs” 

These is a very broad category, so they will always be on trend but each season we see some twists on the exact style of bob that will prevail and the focus for summer 2023 will be on longer length bobs from 14 to 16 inches long with middle part lace.

Dramatic Side Parts

Side parts will have their moment of glory next season. 2022 was all about middle part and the explosion of T-part and Lace front wigs with middle part. We will see the same movement with side parts. The star of the show will be to wear your side part with flat ironed hair around it to create an even more dramatic look. Independently if the hair is bone straight or super curly, side parts will be everywhere.

Scalp Care

The “skinification” of hair care became a thing in 2022 — meaning that brands and consumers took an interest in caring for hair and scalp with the same vigor put into the facial beauty routines.

2023 will hone in on the trend by making scalp care of the utmost importance.

Look out for haircare lines from big brands that focus on caring for the scalp, particularly during and between your protective styles.

We hope these tips have given you the guidance and confidence to easily pick out a new hair business for 2023!

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