Hair Salon Marketing Ideas—Quick Ways To Get Clients

Use online directories to boost your presence

Google is a well-used brand discovery platform (with over 3.5 billion searches per day). Because the search engine is so hot on geo-targeting, it is essential that your salon ranks on the first page of local search results.
To appear in these results you need to have registered your salon on Google Business, it’s free, quick, and easy.
The business listing provides customers with a map thumbnail of your location, an outside view of your salon, and links to any photos you have uploaded to your business page.  Not only does your address, opening hours, and contact details all need to be up to date, but photos also need to be uploaded.
Paid advertising or search engine optimization is another great way to make sure your business ranks on the first page of local search results.

Create or update your salon’s website

In the beauty industry, first impressions are everything.
Most of the website builders that are available today are free and user friendly, and can help you get a professional-looking website ready in no time.
So, take high-quality action photos for your website.
It’s nerve-wracking for new clients to go to a new salon, which makes action photos a great marketing idea.
Photos are a great way to tell the story of your salon and the people behind it. Not only will action photos help build trust with new clients, but they will also convey your brand’s personality. It’s best to avoid taking these photos yourself. Instead, hire a professional to take top-quality photos.

Start a blog for your salon

Starting your salon’s own blog is an effective way to generate interest in your business.
According to Prism Global Marketing Solutions, blogging can help you attract new clients and build your reputation as a figure of authority in the beauty industry.
Here are a few topics you could cover on your blog:
Provide beauty and hair tutorials
Recommend helpful products and tools
Let customers know about upcoming promotions or sales at your salon

Use Google and Facebook Ads

You can pay Google to display your site when certain search terms are used. This is known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.
Because you only pay when your ad is clicked on, this can be a great way to invest in salon marketing on a results-first basis.
Before creating a PPC ad, make sure you know what keywords will work for you.
You need to get a balance between terms that are unique to your business and terms that users are actually going to be searching for.
Facebook advertising allows you to engage with new clients on one of the most popular social media platforms.
Not only do Facebook’s adverts drive traffic back to your website, but they also allow you to grow your existing customer base.
Facebook also enables you to measure your advertising performance through an extensive set of metrics.
This includes advert reach, engagement and conversions.

Get your business cards ready

Don’t be fooled into thinking business cards are outdated.
Despite popular belief, business cards are still an affordable way to promote your business and leave a lasting professional impression.
Make sure that both you and your staff carry a few around to hand to clients, with your contact details and where to find you online.

Make use of upselling and price tiers

We can break down your clients into two broad tiers:
Budget Shoppers
Style Gurus
The Budget Shopper is motivated by how affordable your products and services are.
The Style Guru, on the other hand, is motivated to find the best quality haircut.
Here’s the trick: Find a balancing act so that both tiers of clients are satisfied with your service.

Create customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is incredibly powerful. Clients hate changing salons, so if you win their loyalty, they’ll be a client for life.  You only have one shot at winning customer loyalty and there are few second chances.
Tip: It’s through the quality of your service that loyalty is won.
Make sure your salon has:

A friendly atmosphere with skilled and attentive stylists
Stylists who listen to the needs of clients and deliver
Another great marketing idea is to create a loyalty programme. This will incentivise customers to continue visiting your salon.
This could include rewarding customers with a discount for referring a new client.

Organise your social media platforms 

Make sure your username closely matches your brand name and looks professional across all of your social media platforms.

Find and study the best Twitter accounts out there and try and apply their strategies to your own social media presence.

Remember, one size does not fit all. Salons have different personalities. Don’t try and apply a style that doesn’t fit.

Create your own Instagram hashtag

Instagram is a visual medium and so is hairdressing. This makes it the perfect place to implement some salon marketing ideas.
Using hashtags on your posts and stories is a fun way to connect your social media content to a specific theme. This also makes your content easier to find by new clients on social media.
It increases engagement with your followers and hashtags help you reach your target audience.

Set up a selfie station

Another great salon marketing idea is to set up a selfie station.
Encourage your clients to show off their cuts and post to Instagram and social media with your personalised hashtag. Don’t forget to display your hashtag on the station to make it easy for customers to promote your account.
Alternatively, you can use a Quick Response (QR) code to direct your customers to your Instagram page through their mobile phones.

Create brand ambassadors

These are social media influencers who have a broader following than you. Offer them free or discounted services from your salon in return for them enthusiastically posting about their visit to their followers. Give them a discount code or hashtag to share to monitor how effective the promotion is.

Make sure your Facebook page is thorough 

Facebook is a staple social media platform and should be one of your go-to salon marketing ideas.
Searches are geo-located, so it increases the likelihood that your fans and followers will live in the local area and might easily be turned into new clients.

Partner up with local businesses

Partnering with another local business that offers similar products can be a mutually beneficial way to bring in more clients.
For example, you could combine your salon service (like a haircut or styling offer) with a spa treatment like a massage or manicure from another local business.
This is a great way for both parties to incentive more clients to visit their businesses.

Make an app 

You can either hire a pro to build your salon app or use our user-friendly DIY app maker.
It pulls data like color scheme and images from your Facebook page and coordinates it with your URL content to create a cohesive, branded app that you can edit using drag and drop functionality.

You can offer them a 20% discount on their next visit if they download the app. The promise of future freebies and discounts, plus the simplicity of streamlined online booking should keep them using your app for years to come.

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