Hair Knowledge for You to Grow Business – The Cost of Human Hair Wigs

There are many reasons why women wear wigs. While it is a beauty piece for some women, others depend on wigs to cover and protect their natural hair. Some other women use wigs because they are dealing with hair loss for medical and other reasons.

How much does a good wig cost? What are the factors affecting the price of wigs?

And what a the trusted brand that offer quality wigs that won’t make you regret your investment? We’ll answer these questions and more in the following paragraphs.

Why Do Some Wigs Cost Much More and Some Less?

1. Hair Type

The type of hair used to make your wig will determine whether you spend a little dollar or go all the way to the top.

Human hair wigs can cost between $250 and $3000. They are the highest quality of wigs, so it’s not surprising to see that their cost outweighs other wig types. Lace front human hair wigs are the especially expensive ones.

On the other hand, a high-quality synthetic wig range between $30 and $400, with synthetic wigs that a monofilament wig cap, and the hand-stitched bundles on the higher end.

2. Wig construction

Whether you’re already leaning towards synthetic or human hair, the wig construction deserves your attention because a lot of work is put in here, and it tends to affect the cost of your wig.

The best wig construction options for either human hair or synthetic wigs are a lace front wig cap or a monofilament wig cap.

Synthetic wigs with either lace front or monofilament cap cost between $200 and $400. Human hair wigs with the same construction range between $400-$3000.

3. Installation and Design

The installation and design of your wig determine whether it will appear very natural or not, and your wig must appear as natural as possible.

A wig designer’s job is to get your wig bundles and assemble them in a beautiful and stylish piece that you will love. Depending on the experience and professional standard of your wig designer, a wig design can range as high as $300-$750 alone, However, it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You should discuss prices beforehand, consider previous works of the designer, and get a designer who can do a good job within your budget.

4. Wig color and other Features

Other additional features like wig color, knot bleaching, highlighting, wig length, and styling methods contribute to the beauty of your wig and its price.

Different wig brands and companies use different materials and methods, as well as different colors to ensure that there’s a variety of wig styles and features to meet every need.

For example, a human hair blonde wig with pre-plucked hair will cost more than an average black human hair wig that hasn’t been plucked because more work has gone into the coloring and plucking.

A hand-tied wig often ranges from $300 and above, just as a quality synthetic wig with an open cap could range from $80 and above.

5. Other wig types and their prices

The price range of a good wig also differs depending on several factors like whether it is customized or readymade.

Readymade wigs are found at hair vendors and beauty stores near you. Readymade wigs are created as one-size-fits-all wigs that can be adjusted to any head size. These wigs are mostly budget-friendly and sold at a fixed price. They range from $20 to $400.

Custom wigs are more of an investment because they are designed especially for you. The hair professional makes these wigs with your style preference and head measurement.

First, the designer creates a base from a stocking cap or alongside an attached stretchy band measured to fit your head. Then, the hair you choose will be sewn on it, either as a full lace wig or lace-front wig.

Custom wigs are quite expensive, so you should budget between $1000-$1800to get a custom wig made.

Lace front wigs with closures can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, bearing in mind the closure material and the parting that will be installed.

Full lace wigs are more expensive because they are versatile. You can part or style your full lace wig in all directions, with an unlimited styling option. However, a full-lace wig could cost between $200 and $5,000, depending on hair and wig quality.

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