How To Find A Good Virgin Hair Vendor?

There is no doubt that the virgin hair market is thriving right now, it’s a great time to find success of your own in this high-grossing industry. PR Newswire reports that the hair extension and wig industry will grow to a whopping $10 billion by 2023. So this is an excellent moment to establish your success in this profitable industry. Since it is an increasing marketplace, in the future, market saturation is going to be a problem. To compete and win, a great supplier of virgin hair is a must!
Don’t worry. We’re here to help you make the right choice. Armed with a little knowledge, you can find the best wholesale vendor for virgin hair. You can discover the best wholesale vendor for virgin hair with valuable knowledge from this article.

Why Do You Need A Good Hair Vendor?

Now, after settling on the idea of your business, you may wonder how to start and run your business smoothly.

There are all kinds of exciting things to consider, such as your brand and theme, product images, and blog. However, the most significant thing which you have to do for your company is finding high-quality virgin hair. The choice of a trusted hair vendor, as well as the development of long-term cooperation with it, can make the differentiation between an unsuccessful company and a successful one.

Choose high-quality hair from a reputable vendor, and you will be able to accomplish all your objectives and create significant profit. Not only that, you can save tons of trouble with the proper vendor and avoid unhappy customers & bad reviews.

Many business newbies fall into these traps. Of course, you don’t want to make the same mistakes. There are many vendors out there, and you have to make careful choices.

What Are The Best Virgin Hair Vendors?

Can provide you with the lowest wholesale price, which not only saves you costs, but also allows you to sell directly to the end consumer in a local retail store or online, or even when you wholesale to a salon or hairdressing school, you can get the most profit.

Can always provide products with quality assurance. Whether you are in bundles of hair wholesale or a small amount of procurement, they can always provide you with the best cost-effective products to ensure your customer satisfaction.

Has the ability to provide a large number of products and personalized customized products. When you have an order that exceeds the usual quantity or a product that needs to meet the special needs of customers, the best supplier should be ready for you at any time.

Can deliver goods quickly and respond quickly, no matter when, except force majeure, please make sure you can easily contact them when you need, and place your order on time.

A hair vendor who can provide you with direct delivery services. It not only allows you to focus on the quality of the product but also saves a lot of time.

Choose a hair supplier who is not only interested in sending you order but can also act as a vendor that your business partner can help you when needed.

How to find a suitable hair vendor?

Do your research & make a shortlist

Do several searches on Google, bookmark your picks, and read comments about them. Pay close attention to the validity of the vendor’s website information. They have spent more time mastering their industry knowledge if they seem very competent. It demonstrates that they are taking their hair business seriously. The most beautiful virgin hair bundles wholesale comes from vendors who understand what they’re speaking about, not just websites with images of models and little else.

Get to know the selected vendors

You need to trust your vendor, and you should feel confident when you place an order. Shoot them an email or get them on the phone. The latter may not always be possible if you’re dealing with a company on the other side of the world. But if they speak English and are willing to chat by phone, Skype or video chat is a good option.

You can learn a lot by how timely, personable, and willing to work with a new, growing business each vendor is pretty quickly after a few emails. Your business has unique needs to consider. You should also get a sense of lead time once you email a few of the vendors on your shortlist.

Trust your gut. If you see any red flags like non-responsive sellers, shoddy websites, or vendors who promise more than seems possible, you may have to move on to someone else even if the prices are good. It can save you a lot of trouble down the line. You don’t need the headache of missed orders, or not getting the items or quality you selected.

Don’t take a gamble by choosing the cheapest vendor. You need to be focused on sourcing high-quality hair, not finding the seller with lowest price. Anyone can do that, but you need to be a cut above the rest to make your business succeed.

Read the fine print of the company

Is there a guarantee they promise? What are their sales conditions? All these data will be presented on their website if they are reliable hair vendors. Their website should publish returns as well as shipping times. You may want to search for another seller if this data is lacking.

Ask for hair vendor samples

Are they offering samples? It is an entirely reasonable request if you are reluctant to put a bulk order of unseen products. Ask the seller to send you straight and wavy hair samples. Sew the hair on yourself or a colleague, interact with them, dye them, lighten them, dry them, warm them. Be aware of how well it is holding up.

Samples are an excellent way of gaining a feeling of quality. If you’re happy with the example, place a small order to make sure the sample pieces aren’t a bait and switch (just enough to satisfy the seller’s minimum). If the performance is the same as the sample, the next time when you have a big order, it will make you feel more comfortable.

Find out if they have warehouses

If the suppliers have warehouses in your local city, you can discuss face to face and see the products, that’s a very good offer when you purchase hair urgently. Best & Professional Face to Face Services, available for Pick up hair to Save Shipping & No shipment waiting.

Choose the suitable payment channels

To help small hair business managers make payments, PayPal is here! By protecting your credit card information, PayPal offers better security. If the hair is not the same as stated, they also have a dispute resolution procedure. More and more regions embrace and are closer to the trend of PayPal. These days, many Chinese vendors are accepting PayPal. There are also Western Union and MoneyGram, but PayPal is still favored.


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