Explore Professional Hairstylists’ Hair Vendor for Reference

Do you regret buying from deceiving hair vendor? Tired to find valuable wholesale hair vendor? Doing research trying to find a good vendor, that’s most important thing for you all.

TedHair factory, help you avoid deceiving hair vendor, we provide valuable advise and tips that you don’t have to pay for. We will help you become very knowledgeable about the hair. Don’t give up it’s not easy, don’t buy too much stock early on as your going you’ll see what’s popular and stock up on that, focus on your customer service.

Here are some professional hairstylists experience.

G.G. introduce her and TedHair

G.G. has worked with us for more than 3 years, she has not been disappointed. TedHair is always respond quickly to G.G. and get the hair within 2 hours.

Why choose TedHair?

Find answers for all clients, why choose TedHair? Big customer service! Just like family & a friend! Provide service about improving market ability and gaining enough clients. To keep your business noticeable, you can most definitely do it just promote & network as much as possible. Stay consistent and don’t give up.

TedHairs products

#1B natural black or #613 bundles with all textures, straight, body wavy, water wavy, loose deep, natural wavy, and so on.

Closures/frontals, we have 5×5, 4×4, and 13×4.

In a word, full cuticle in the same direction. No tangle – No shedding. Very clean, natural, soft, easy to comb. Safe for health. Various choices of textures, length and colors.

TedHair help you start your small hair business

TedHair has no MOQ, according to the actual situation of customers, one to one to provide suitable solutions. A couple bundles or wigs are ok. TedHair have amazing hair package deal, 3 pcs or 5pcs deal and so on.

Let’s follow the footsteps of professional hairstylist G.G. come to meet together and talk face to face. Welcome to visit our 7 local warehouses.


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