Everything you Need to Know Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape extensions are one of the most popular hair extension methods on the market due to them being so quick and easy to apply, lightweight and virtually invisible as they lay flat to the head. The biggest advantage of tapes is that as they are the lightest and least damaging type of permanent extension meaning they are suitable for all hair types from very fine hair to thick. Here at TedHair we have a huge variety of colours and lengths in Tape extensions.

What are Tape in Hair Extensions?

Tapes are a type of permanent hair extension consisting of a 4cm wide weft of hair secured at the top with a sticky tab that is attached to the hair. The adhesive used on tape extensions is a gentle medical glue the same as what is used in plasters and other medical forms. The sticky part of the tape is covered by a paper tab that is easily peeled away when you are ready to use them, the sticky tab can be removed and re-taped with each use making this method not only super quick and easy but cost effective too. Tape extensions come in all different lengths and colours, they are also able to be cut to create smaller pieces for a subtle highlight effected.

How to Apply Tape in Extensions?

Tapes are applied to the hair using 2 of the wefts sandwiched together with your own hair in-between. It is advised that the slice of hair in-between the tapes is very slightly smaller in width so that stray hairs do not hang out of the tab. The hair in-between the tape should also be of the same thickness as the tape itself to ensure the hair is able to hold the weight of the extension. Applying any permanent extension to a too small amount of hair can cause damage and hair pull, it is always advised to mimic the weight of the weft/strand that you are applying. The placement of the tapes will totally depend on the look you are trying to achieve and will be decided by your hairstylist, the brickwork pattern is usually preferred for a natural finish.

How to Remove Tape in Hair Extensions?

We advise using oil based removers as they are kinder the the skin and hair. To remove the tapes using the remover solution generously spray the top of the tab a few times, leave for 30 seconds then you should feel the tab starting to loosen. Gently pull the tape away from the hair, if the tape is being stubborn and feels very secure you can use the end of a pin tail comb to carefully prise the tabs apart. Once you have removed one side of the sandwich, respray and repeat for the underneath section.

How Long Do Tape in Hair Extensions Last?  

All tape hair extensions should be removed and re-installed after 6-8 weeks of wear, sometimes sooner depending on your hairs growth cycle and overall condition of your extensions. 8 weeks is the maximum time the extensions should be left in without a re-position. After 6-8 weeks of having your extensions in, your own hair will have started to grow and the extensions move with it creating a larger gap between the tab and your scalp. Its at this stage that the hair could start to matt and tangle as there is more room for the hair to get stuck between your extensions, this is why it is important to have them removed by 8 weeks of wear to prevent any damage occurring to your own hair.
To keep your hair looking and feeling its best its strongly advised to have a maintenance check up a week after your application then every 4 weeks after this to check for any knotting/slippage.

How to Care for Tape in Hair Extensions?

There are many things you can do to keep your hair extensions well maintained and fresh for as long as possible, we have some great blogs specifically focusing on this subject right here. The main 3 points to stick to are firstly using the correct products is an absolute must! Steer clear of any products that contain alcohol, oil or sulphate, these ingredients will not only dry out your extensions but also weaken the adhesive attaching the tapes to your hair. Regularly separating any knots or matting that is starting to form, this can be done by using your fingers to check between each tape and row to make sure no hair is getting caught up with a neighbour extension and brushing your hair morning and night.

Lastly always use heat protection before styling your hair to prevent your hair from drying out or breaking, hair extensions have been removed from their natural source of hydration so are likely to dry out faster than our own hair. They need lots of added moisture and protection so don’t skimp on the best quality hair extensions products.

Why are Tape-In Hair Extensions So Popular?

According the above opinion, tape-in hair extensions have a long life and provide more hair both in length and in volume, they are also incredibly versatile and extremely versatile. Finally, tape-in hair extensions are also incredibly versatile. Those who want to put these tape-in hair extensions to use can create beachy waves, beautiful ponytails, lengthy braids, and even a blowout hairstyle. So tape ins are really so popular all the time, include 2023.

Tape ins are full in stocks in TedHair, include different textures/colors/lengths, still have 10-22”, 15-20”, 20-18”, 20-16” ready for pick up or shipping any business hours! You can choose the suitable tape ins for you according to your needs and budget. Btw, Chinese new year is coming, in order to celebrate the Spring Festival, logistics delivery will be suspended for about a week. If you want to get your urgent orders, welcome to your nearest warehouse. We open normally throughout Chinese New Year, can’t wait your order with long time shipping, just picking up within 2 hours!

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