Dropshipping Puts the Verve into Virgin Hair

Dropshipping Virgin Hair

The big question is, does dropshipping for virgin hair work?

The answer, of course,

will depend on the business model.

Naturally, it will work, and in my mind, it will work just as well as providing the normal extensions, and maybe better now you’re providing virgin hair marketing. To return to the big question, it will work if you know what you’re doing marketing-wise. Because, let’s face it, you can have the best site in the world, but if no-one knows about it, you’re not going to do any selling.

So, I’ll ask again. Are you ready to start the dropshipping of market virgin hair brand? You must have enough capital to invest in your business. If this means getting a small loan from a bank, or going on Shark Tank (if you want to seriously grow your business), then that’s what you must do. When people advise you that you don’t need to have huge funds’ in reserve, don’t listen to them. Or rather, listen with one ear. You probably don’t need vast sums, but, believe me, you do need funds.

Even if it’s an online business and not brick-and-mortar, you still need capital. You’ve also got to survive while your business is being established, and, as strange as it may seem, this is something that many people forget when doing their business strategy plans. Okay, assuming now that you are ready to start dropshipping, let’s just briefly discuss the benefits of this practice so you have that ingrained in your mind as well.

dropship virgin human hair

You can place the order with your supplier once you have received payment from your customer if this is okay with your supplier. Some suppliers may need payment upfront, and this is also why you need those reserves if this is going to be the case.

The great point about dropshipping, and why it’s become such a big deal, is that you only need buy what you need. You don’t have to get a massive amount of inventory that could just stand still’ in your shop. Not only is that a security risk, it’s also a risk your livelihood. All you don’t need is for the stock to stand still, which will see running around hysterical. Nobody wants that kind of scenario.

Dropshipping also means that you don’t have to invest in building space. In fact, you don’t need any space at all. All the area you will need is a place for your computer, because that is your portal to the whole wide world of selling virgin hair! Some suppliers will charge you a fee for processing, and this will ensure that all orders are speedily dispatched. Others again may have this built into membership fees. It all depends on who you feel most comfortable doing business with.

You also don’t have to dispatch the hair to your customer. The supplier normally does this. This is why it must be reputable. You don’t want the wrong item going off! You may laugh, but I know of an instance where this has happened, and the irate customer had the businesswoman on the red carpet, not the supplier! How can this be avoided? Well, this very same lady then insisted that the supplier show her the product (on skype) before it was shipped. This system is now working well for her, and I would suggest you follow this practice.

Finding a Reliable Hair Vendor

Okay, now to your website, which is your major way of getting sales. You must ensure that you have the best site possible, and this could also see you using reserves unless you’re a startling web designer, which most likely you’re not. The big no-no ‘for a website is that it looks tired’ and that it is never updated. You must constantly update your site, to make it fresh and exciting.

The various virgin hair products must be on display, naturally, and the best way to do this is by having the virgin hairpieces worn by models or friends. This way, the hair becomes alive! If you can get your hands on a photo-shopper or a good graphic designer, you can add in all sorts of effects (like sunlight glinting off the hair, eyes shining, and great backgrounds) that will enhance your whole website production.

You must ensure that all product descriptions are written in a way that will entice people. For this, you will need an established writer used to producing great marketing copy. Don’t try and do this yourself unless you’re also a writer as well as budding virgin hair entrepreneur! Chances are you’re not, and the only thing that’s worse than a badly written piece that won’t grab anyone’s attention is a badly produced website.

So, once you’ve got the site, how do you market it? Get some flyers done and leave them in hairdressers – don’t forget you’re adding to their business, not taking away, so they’ll gladly accommodate you. Also, it’s good old social media to the rescue! Get a business Facebook site and tweet like crazy. You’ll be well on your way to success!

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