The Difference Between Dropshipping Hair And Wholesale Hair

If you’re someone out there who’s thinking about starting an online hair store or you want to start selling hair extensions online but you’re not sure whether to wholesale hair or to look into dropship hair, please make sure you are 100% concentrated on what we are going to talk about next.

Wholesale hair and dropship hair are two completely different ways of sourcing products. What is the difference between them? Which will maximize your profits? Which is less risk? You should work on a clear plan before starting out.

There are ways to do business and ways to make money. When you have your hair extension business, your aim is to maximize profits while keeping the overheads and acquisition costs low. It can make a huge difference to the operation costs of your business where you source your products from and how much you pay for them. There are two things that are critical to your hair extension business. One is the quality of your product and the second is the cost of procuring it. You can find the right supplier, but storage and inventory is a whole different ball game.

Wholesale Hair Purchasing

Wholesale purchase means that you purchase goods from a supplier at wholesale prices. This means you get a discounted price, not the usual retail price in the store. Wholesale prices generally have a minimum purchase quantity, although this will help you get the product at a low price, but you may just start your hair business. This is your first investment and you will be worried about the backlog of inventory.

The difference between retail and wholesale prices is enough to convince you to invest a lot of money to buy products at a cheaper price. It can then be sold to the end customer at retail prices for a comfortable profit.  Wholesale buying also means that you need a warehouse to store your goods. If you are just starting a hair business, this may mean that you have to set aside funds to buy inventory, rent warehouses, and most importantly, need to stay ahead of the competition.

That’s where Dropship Buying comes in.

Dropship Hair Buying

The second way to source hair extensions for your business is dropshipping. In the wholesale model, the first thing you are going to do is find a wholesale hair distributor with a low price, order hair in bulk, store it in your stockroom and then resell hair on your site or boutique with a higher price. However, you can see a totally different way to do business with dropshipping.

With dropship, you don’t need to buy hair inventory before you get the order. You find a trustworthy hair supplier who offers dropshipping hair service. You basically start selling hair with a higher price on your website. When a customer places the order to you, you pass the order over to your supplier. Your supplier deals with packaging, shipping fulfillment and everything else while you sit back relax and keep your profits. That’s how dropshipping hair process works.

The most crucial benefit for dropshipping is you can sell anything with no inventory. It’s low risk and low cost to enter hair industry, which is the reason why it’s an attractive business model for a lot of people and the reason why is getting more and more popular these days.

If you are a hairstylist or a college student who wants to earn extra money, or a mother with a child at home. Dropship Hair Purchasing is a good way to start a new life. If you trust your customers or friends to find that you sell hair, you can ask us to place an order for you. And send it to you to help the customer install, or send it directly to your customers. We will also work with you for a long time at wholesale prices. This method attracts many hair stylists and college students to cooperate with us.


We minimize that risk for you to start a hair business. No worry about getting stuck in the inventory. We keep the inventory. We deal with the order fulfillment. All you need to do is just list those products on your website as though you own them and start driving some customers to your website and start making some money.

Profit margins

The aim to do business is making money. Profit is what you really care about. Some people say with dropshipping, your profit margins are gonna be a lot less because you buy like a retail customer instead of wholesale. It may be true if you choose the wrong hair vendor for your business. Tedhair is a hair factory in China, and we hair 9 warehouses in USA. You will find your dropshipping profit is almost the same as wholesale since all the price listed on is the great wholesale factory price with no minimum order quantity.

Hair branding

We know a lot of people out there want to start their own hairline for a long-term purpose. Yes, hair branding is important for hair business and the customer will remember you and come back. No worry about the branding things if you work with Tedhair factory. You can easily find hair tag, hair wrap as well as silk bag on our site. Your customer will never see Tedhair information just like they purchase from you.

Dropshipping hair program does sound excellent. However, nothing is 100% perfect. In the wholesale model, you can go for any hair distributor offering the high-quality hair extensions. You buy the inventory and they ship to you. Dropshipping means a closer business relationship with your supplier than just buying wholesale since they handle everything for you. You care It definitely takes your hard work and it is not easy.

Tedhair is a 100% professional human hair factory, all 100% human hair are cutting from young lady, the hair can be colored. They are soft and healthy for your wearing with long service time. Always supply top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salon and online store owners around the world. We have 9 warehouses in USA(Atlanta/ Los Angeles/ Miami/ New Jersey/ Houston/ Chicago/ New York/ Virginia/ New Orleans warehouse), If you are still on the way to find the best human hair bundles, welcome to make an appointment to visit us.

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