We’ll show you the ways to brand your online hair business successfully below. Once you’ve done, it will lead to more sales, customers and awareness for your hair business.


#1 Hair Packaging

Not only you need to offer top-quality hair, but also need to customize an exclusive packaging for your online hair business. This will capture the attention of potential customers and can share information about your hair business. The optimal packaging should be a silk bag with your logo on it. Your extensions should have a strap around the top with your logo and brand name on it. There should be at least two business cards inside the bag, such as information about your hair business and instructions on how to care daily.


#2 Amazing Customer Service

Good customer service is the most efficient way to get sales, retain customers, and get more customers. Delayed responses, delayed shipping, and etc problems have led many customers to abandon their cooperater. The best thing you should do is patiently solving your clients problems in time. The better your customer service is, the more wonderful things people will have to say about your brand.


#3 Client Testimonials

When your customers give feedback, it builds credibility for your hair business. But as you know, not all customers are willing to give unsolicited feedback, so you can try the following methods to get feedback from your customers. For example, reach out to your customers for referrals, offer discounts to customers who give feedback, etc.


#4 Videos

YouTube videos are a great way to showcase and market your products because you can showcase the quality of your hair through video. It is recommended to create a series of short videos less than 10 minutes in length so that you can get more viewers. You need to make sure that the description of your video also contains keywords that will push it higher in search engine results.


#5 Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are the better and more popular social media platforms at the moment, you can increase your visibility by posting posts such as product pictures, customer feedback pictures, etc. Also you must use appropriate subject tags to attract more target audience.


#6 Cross-promotion

Cross-promotion is one of the best ways to gain exposure to your online hair business while promoting with another one. For example, work with a hairstylist to sell your hair products in her salon. In return, you can promote her hair design through social media.

#7 Creat a blog

All you have to do is to write articles about hair. The articles don’t need to be too much text, but they must be related to your brand. Then, you can post the blog posts on your website. Blogging lets customers know about your brand and this will build customer loyalty. You will need to keep up with your blog in order to keep traffic moving to it.


#8 Email Marketing

If you already have followers on your blog or YouTube channel, then you should be able to easily collect emails from some of your customers or potential customers. You can inform your customers of your latest products or latest event news via email.


#9 Brand Slogan

Slogans are used in marketing to quickly identify your company to shoppers. Make sure it’s memorable, positive and helps your brand stand out. For example, McDonald’s  “I’m lovin’ it” is a great example of a successful tagline.


#10 Developing a Sales Strategy

When you can master how to acquire clients, communicate with them, follow up with them and deliver your hairdressing products to them, you will quickly become an influencer. Knowing your customers and ensuring customer satisfaction will get you more referrals, which will translate into sales. In addition you can also run occasional events, promotions or gifts to attract potential clients or retain old ones.


With the above methods, I wish you could build your online hair business for success.

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