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What Is Raw Hair?

Raw Hair is the sensation of the decade! As new it may sound the concept is not new. Raw hair is what it literally means. It is Raw and untreated, unprocessed, 100% human hair, which means the hair fibre is strong and unbroken with natural shine and sheen that can give a natural hair look. When you think about unprocessed this means it has not undergone any chemical, heat or steam processing.
If you like to color or bleach, you could go wild with your imagination, only with raw hair! As it is unprocessed and uncolored it takes up the new dye very well and the final result will wow you!

What Is The Difference Between Raw Hair And Virgin Hair?

Raw hair is the most purest and natural form of hair available on the market. Raw hair is great in that the quality is top notch and can literally last you years.
Virgin Hair has been in existence and popular which means it’s not colored or dyed before which means it will take up the new color very well but it doesn’t assure you if its untreated or processed.

Why Choose TedHair Raw Hair?


  1. Hair full cuticles from Single Donor
  2. 100% unprocessed human hair
  3. Bulk braiding hair, closures and frontals
  4. Can be dyed blonde hair


  1. Access Factory Direct Prices
  2. Full Inventory
  3. Experience the Best One-to-One Customer Service
  4. Pick up Orders to Save Shipping Cost & Delivery Time
  5. 9 US Local Warehouses [Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Houston, Chicago, New York, Virgina, New Orleans]

Tedhair is a 100% professional human hair factory, all 100% human hair are cutting from young lady, the hair can be colored. They are soft and healthy for your wearing with long service time. Always supply top-quality hair products and services to distributors, vendors, salon and online store owners around the world. We have 9 warehouses in USA(Atlanta/ Los Angeles/ Miami/ New Jersey/ Houston/ Chicago/ New York/ Virginia warehouse), If you are still on the way to find the best human hair bundles, welcome to make an appointment to visit us.

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