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2 Hair Colors You May Know For Wholesale Hair

There are various hair colors and types when all girls select hair. You should know what colors your clients choose and what colors are hot selling. Let’s share 2 colors that help you to wholesale hair. What is 1b Hair Color? As one might guess, the “b” in 1b indicates black. Compared to jet black, which is very rich ...

Lace Front Wigs Help to Grow Hair Business

If you want to grow your hair business, try selling lace front wigs! There are many types of human hair wigs on the market, but the lace front wigs are the bestseller because it feels more natural to wear and can be treated like your own hair. So many customers will choose lace front wigs, you will easily grow your hair ...

Tips to Avoid or Minimize the Shedding of TedHair Lace Wigs

Most shedding problems stem from how you use and maintain wigs. Careful care when combing, styling and handling lace wigs can significantly reduce the possibility of shedding. To this end, please note the following: After cleaning and conditioning the wig, do not brush the wig when it is wet. Avoid getting too rough when handling wigs, especially when ... Protection Status