Why should you as a brand even care about hashtags? There are a number of benefits that you get from using hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags can grow your hair business. For example, there are 22.7k fans in our TedHair instagram now.


  1. Increases exposure & discovery

The biggest reason for using hashtags is to increase exposure and discovery rates. Clicking on a hashtag in Instagram will display a gallery of popular posts and the latest posts using that hashtag. From there, you can browse all related posts, making hashtags a great way for people interested in a topic to find more accounts to follow. This means that if you use the correct and most relevant hashtag for your brand, other people searching for that hashtag will find these posts. Your audience can use brand tags to show their experience of your products or services as a form of branding. Labels are conducive to overall brand exposure. Even if you click on an article on the search results page, you will see other similar articles.


  1. Encourages audience interactions

When you use brand labels and encourage their use, it becomes another form of engagement. Flagged feed posts are saved in search results, and flagged story posts are saved for the duration of the story. Think of hashtags as another way to reach and attract customers.


  1. Competitor analysis

How much digital space does your competitors occupy in your market? Hashtags can help you analyze your right to speak on social media. You and your competitors may have overlapping labels, especially if they are industry labels and local labels. In an ideal voice sharing scenario, your posts and posts tagged by your customers account for most of these hashtag search results. You can also check posts with relevant hashtags to get content inspiration and understand where your brand might be inadequate compared to competitors’ content.


  1. Content research

Similar to what you did for SEO keyword research, hashtags can help you research different content ideas. You can use the “Top” tab of the search results page to view the best posts. Use this area as inspiration. What seems to work for similar brands? Is there a certain style or title that is popular now? By clicking on popular posts to learn more, you can also find other less populated hashtags that are relevant to your audience, similar to secondary keywords used for search optimization.


  1. Links digital and IRL campaigns

Go shopping at any retail store these days, and chances are that you will encounter a marketing campaign with a label. Whether they encourage you to use their general brand hashtags or event tags, hashtags provide an easy way to connect digital and real life activities.

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