13×4 And 13×6 Frontals to Start Hair Business

TedHair have a great selection of lace items such as 4×4 closures, 5×5 closure, 13×4 frontals and 13×6 frontals. Available in all styles with either a regular lace or in our new Swiss HD lace. Now, let me introduce you to our 13×4 frontals and 13×6 frontals.

13x6 Frontal:

With delicately handtied Swiss HD lace extending 13 inches across the hairline a 6” deep parting space, our Swiss HD 13×6 lace frontals are the best option for any hairstyle. Unlike traditional 13×4 lace frontals, a 13×6″ lace frontal offers an extra 2 inches worth of parting space. What this means for you is that if you require a hairstyle with a long middle or side part, then the 13×6″ option would be your best choice.

– Ultra-thin lace material. All of our 13×6 frontals are fully equipped with a soft, light lace that will surely blend with a multitude of skin tones. Our lace is also very easily bleached, plucked and styled.

– Free parting space. With 6” of parting space spanning towards the middle of your head, and 13” across your hairline, you will have lots of versality when it comes to styling your hair.

– Versatility. With a hairline that mimics that of natural scalp as well as freedom to part at any side, our 13×6 lace frontals are a great choice no matter the occasion.

Our 13×6 Swiss HD lace frontals will give you the most natural looking hairline possible and will certainly help you to pull off an unlimited number of styles. From a cute top bun to a half up half down style, your options are endless. This extra 2 inches of parting space truly provides you with more freedom and flexibility than any other frontal.

13×4 Frontal

Our 13×4 Swiss HD lace frontals are carefully crafted with the most invisible looking lace you will find anywhere. Spanning 13 inches across and 4 inches deep, the hairline of our frontals are specially created with individual hair strands that have been hand-tied unto the sheerest lace we have to offer in order to give maximum invisibility.

No matter your skin tone, 13×4 Swiss HD lace frontal will blend seamlessly into your skin and help you to look your best every time. So, there is no need for excessive bleaching or lace tinting, our Swiss HD closures will complement pretty much any skin tone.

So, if you are looking for a natural looking frontal with a flawless hairline, then our 13×4 Swiss HD lace frontals will surely fulfill all your needs.

Now is the perfect time to start shopping

For the new year hair business, we suggest you to try the marketing hot selling 13×6 and 13×4 frontals to start your hair business. Your customer give new bundles for mom, a brand-new wig for her little sister or a closure/frontal to revamp her previous style.

So that is a good time to start shopping and start your hair business, come on now!

TedHair vendor is a professional local wholesale hair vendors & supplier of 100% VIRGIN HUMAN HAIR. Fully stocked with all bundles/ closures/ frontal/ HD lace/ lace front wigs up to 28″ even 38″. Let’s make appointment to us near your local TedHair warehouses!

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