If you have been a hair stylist and want to have your own business, opening your own hair salon, please refer to our guide below.

1.Business plan

Enterprises need business plans to operate. You need a reliable roadmap to guide your business to success. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out , but it is important that your plan meets your needs.


2.Type of business

Determine whether you want the legal structure of your business to be a sole proprietorship, partnership, a limited liability corporation (LLC), or a corporation. You can apply for your legal structure, LLCs and corporations must go to the website of the IRS to apply for a federal tax identification number for tax purposes.


3.Accounting plan

Whether you decide to hire an accountant or you will handle the accounting duties, having an accounting plan in place is going to be an essential element of your hair salon’s success.



Without a business license, you cannot run a salon. If you don’t do this, the consequences may be good, and in some states, you will lose your beauty license, so please take the necessary steps to avoid trouble. A business license can be obtained through the beauty commission in your state. The requirements of your licensing agency depend on the state you live in and the type of licenses they provide.



Insurance is a legal requirement for most businesses. Employees, clientele, and space need coverage in case the unexpected occurs such as damage, theft or a fire.

6.Funds and costs

Whether you have a bank loan or an investor, you need to figure out how much money you need to get started and where it comes from. Consider your budget and make sure not to exceed your limits. Consider the following costs: hair dryer, washbasin, chair, platform, hairdressing tools, etc.


7.Hiring staffs

Take the time to recruit staffs who match your brand and are committed to the salon. Your employees need to provide first-class customer service at all times.



An important part of choosing a salon location is to ensure that it is centrally located for easy access. The ideal location is a place with a lot of people and enough parking space. Before you start choosing furniture and lighting equipment, make sure your decor and layout match the types of customers you want to attract. Conduct research to understand demographics, local competitors, and consider how your customers will reach your salon. The key is that you want the atmosphere of the salon to suit the expected customer base.



First, you need a website. Your website should be attractive, easy to navigate, and preferably contains useful information for your customers, such as business hours, location, contact information, and pricing. Setting up an online booking system is also a good thing. Your website information should be available on all your social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Create a brand that allows people to talk about your salon and guide customers to your store. You can also come up with creative ways to market your brand, such as holding events or parties to attract more customers.



Be mindful when selecting the type of products. Make sure they match your clientele and their needs. You can find a reliable hair vendor like TedHair.


Wish your salon business succeed!

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